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Shorwa (Afghan delicious soup)

Shorwa stands for soup in Dari and is made with meat, kidney beans, chickpeas and lots of fresh vegetables. It is cooked in a pressure cooker like most of Afghani recipes. Choose meat of your choice such as veal, lamb, or chicken. Pressure cooker is used to speed up the process and usually a good…

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Origins of Chapli kabab afghan recipe If you wondering Where is chapli kabab afghan recipe originally from? Chapli kabab is also called Peshwari kabab as it originated from Peshawar Pakistan. It is a Mughlai influenced recipe. Mughlai cuisine are part of Indo-Persian cultural. But Why kabab is called chapli? The word chapli in chapli kabak…

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Palak Sabzi (Sabzi Palak-Afghan Spinach Curry

palak sabzi recipe

Spinach is a high source of fiber and is low in calorie. It is also filled with lots of vitamins and iron which makes it one of the exceptionally nutrient rich vegetable. There are many health benefits of eating spinach on a regular basis such as antioxidant properties, eye health, cancer prevention and lowers blood…

Haft Mewa for Afghan New Year

haft mewa

Nowruz is the Afghanistan/Iranian New year which falls on or around March 21 of the Gregorian calendar and it marks the beginning of spring. In Afghanistan, people prepare many delicious dishes on nowruz and one of them is called “Haft mewa” which is a mixture of seven different dried fruits and nuts. Half mewa stands…

Char masala (Spice mix for Afghan Rice Recipes)

char masala

Char masala is a blend that consists of black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, black cardamom, green cardamom, and cumin specifically handcrafted for Afghan rice dishes. Afghanistan’s national dish(Kabuli pulao recipe) can’t be cooked without this spice mix. Watch a short video on how to make char masala What you need to make this spice mix Disclaimer:…

How to make Afghani rice (Afghani CHALAW)

how to make afghani rice

Afghani rice also known as Afghani Chalaw is a traditional Afghan dish usually served as a side dish with different kinds of vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries. In any Afghan household, you must know how to make Afghani rice as it is one that is served the most, daily in nearly all families. It is amazingly…

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