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Origins of Chapli kabab afghan recipe If you wondering Where is chapli kabab afghan recipe originally from? Chapli kabab is also called Peshwari kabab as it originated from Peshawar Pakistan. It is a Mughlai influenced recipe. Mughlai cuisine are part of Indo-Persian cultural. But Why kabab is called chapli? The word chapli in chapli kabak…

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kabuli pulao

kabuli pulao recipe

kabuli pulao recipe is one of the things Afghans cannot live without.  It is Afghanistan’s national dish as it takes its name from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. There is never any celebration or family get together without this delicious dish. It is not difficult to make, however it does require several steps to cook….

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kofta challow

Kofta Challow (Afghan Meatballs with Rice)

Kofta Afghani recipe is one of the delightful recipes usually served with basmati rice; a delicious combo called kofta challow. “Kofta” in Persian language means “meatballs” and “challow” means “rice,” hence the word kofta challow — or “Meatballs with Rice.”. Kofta is easy to make, full of great aroma and flavor. You can use ground…

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Char masala (Spice mix for Afghan Rice Recipes)

char masala

Char masala is a blend that consists of black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, black cardamom, green cardamom, and cumin specifically handcrafted for Afghan rice dishes. Afghanistan’s national dish(Kabuli pulao recipe) can’t be cooked without this spice mix. Watch a short video on how to make char masala What you need to make this spice mix The…

How to make Afghani rice (Afghani CHALAW)

how to make afghani rice

Afghani rice also known as Afghani Chalaw is a traditional Afghan dish usually served as a side dish with different kinds of vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries. In any Afghan household, you must know how to make Afghani rice as it is one that is served the most, daily in nearly all families. It is amazingly…

Bolani Afghani

bolani afghani

Bolani Afghani is a flat- bread fried with a vegetable filling. It has a thin crust and traditionally stuffed with chives or potatoes. For our recipe we will use leeks for the filling since we do not have chives where we live in Canada. Bolani Afghani is usually made for special occasions where friends and…

How to make Qurooti (Afghan bread pudding)


Afghans love their bread and their Quroot; put them together and you get everyone’s favorite recipe: Qurooti. Back home Qurooti is known to be poor man’s dish because bread is not expensive. Traditionally, all you would add on the bread is Quroot and onions. We make it a bit different here at home with few…

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