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kakb didi afghani

How to make Kabab Digi Afghani

Afghans are big meat consumers and always prefer it over any vegetarian meal. Meat is more like a luxury for families that are not very well off. Vegetarian meals are much more affordable to make and are cooked more often in any household. In Afghanistan, when you are invited somewhere at least one non-vegetarian meal is usually cooked to welcome the guests. Kabab digi afghani is cooked at home in a pressure cooker.

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Yakhni Soup: Get Well Soon Soup|Afghan Yummy Food

Watch the following video on how to make Yakhni Soup: Get Well Soon Soup| Afghan Yummy Food. Keep on reading for detailed recipe… Here, are all the ingredients you need for this delicious and easy Yakhni Soup: Ingredients forYakhni Soup 6 Cups water 2 Onions, chopped Veal, ½ kg 3 Carrots, Chopped 3 Celery, Chopped…

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